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  • Q. Can I install Microsoft Windows on my tablet?

    Microsoft Windows usually has no support for the type of hardware used by most Android tablets. As such, you generally cannot install Windows onto an Android tablet. There are some rare exceptions to this, specifically if the processor has an x86 architecture. There are some Android tablets that dual boot Windows based on x86 Intel processor. In these cases, be prepared to do a lot of research to get this to work, because even then the bootloader and driver differences do make it scenario unlikely even with fully capable hardware.

  • Q. Can I expect to use my USB mouse/keyboard/storage drive with my tablet?

    This depends on the manufacturer. If there is support, you will need to obtain a USB OTG dongle or cable. The port needs to be connected in a specific way inside the tablet for USB peripherals to work. Generally, you can expect mice, keyboards, and storage drives (FAT) to work if your device does support this feature.

  • Q. What is data recovery?

    Data recovery is the process of retrieving deleted or inaccessible data from failed electronic storage media such as computer hard disk drives, removable media, optical devices and tape cartridges. Your data can become inaccessible due to a software problem, computer virus, mechanical or electrical malfunction or a deliberate human act. Regardless of the cause of your data loss, our experienced technicians are able to successfully recover lost data 70% - 75% of the time..

  • Q. My documents contain confidential information. How can I be sure they will remain confidential?

    Data Recovery Group offers clients a secure environment so that you can rest easy knowing that your information is kept private. Every member of the Ensurs-Tech Inc.team is under non-disclosure. The evaluation and recovery process is conducted in secure labs with controlled access to ensure the confidentiality of your data. We have unwritten non-disclosure agreements with all of our customers, but if your legal department requires a written agreement it should be faxed to the nearest office for processing.

  • Q. Does data recovery group offer laptop and notebook Phones data recover?

    YES for Samsung phones. Our warranty covers our parts and workmanship. If the repaired or replaced parts stop working properly, bring it back and we will redo the repair at no cost to you.

  • Q.How quickly will you have a technician physically dispatched to my location?

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  • Q. What are the trading hours of your Firm?

    Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm Saturday: Appointments only Sunday: 12pm - 4am.

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